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Requiem for a Dream (Yunho/JaeJoong)

Requiem for a Dream

for windstalk, who introduced the most heartbreaking song I've ever heard; I can't read this again.

It's the biggest event of the year - "the YunJae wedding", the press called it.

requiem for a dream
Why did I fall in love with you?

Churchbells and wedding song; the YunJae wedding, the press called it, arriving at the scene in droves. “Jung and Kim to be bonded by marriage this morning,” said a news reporter before the cathedral, where the sky was a magnificent backdrop of blue. Stars from all over had shown up – BoA and Super Junior, Shinee and Big Bang (“that is Kim’s favourite music as a child”). Then there was Dong Bang Shin Ki, the three of whom made up the group with Yunho and Jaejoong, handsome in tuxedos and brilliant smiles as if they had stepped out of the posters of yesterday

where he would ruffle the older man’s hair before the photoshoot just to hear his chuckle. Yunho-ah, you’re going to mess up my hair. But Yunho does it anyway, just for an excuse to leave his fingers within those lovely, brown strands

that shine under the light like honey gold. The first time Yunho had seen her - not as a child but as a woman - she was sixteen in school uniform, the stunned expression of Jaejoong’s face mirroring his own. The principal had raised an eyebrow, asking them to explain why their kids were making out in the home economics room, and Yunho’s son, tall even for his age, said

it’s not wrong to want to be with somebody you love, is it? And sometimes when Yunho looks at Jaejoong, that’s all he sees in between fatigue and closed eyes and snatches of gentle, shy smiles. Sometimes, he wants to say, I think I love

You, Jaejoong said to his daughter with a half laugh, but Yunho saw the devastation in his eyes - you were talking about Yunho’s son? All this time? It was him? And she’s so beautiful, Yunho thought, her father’s defiant eyes shining through her own, and he saw the expression in his son’s face that

scares him, how much he wants to kiss Jaejoong. The first time they do it’s by accident, a collision by the hallway that ends up with Jaejoong pressed against the wall, sliding to the floor as Yunho’s lips meld into his with such tenderness and need that

it only felt like the most natural thing in the world, to have Jaejoong walking down the aisle now, a vision in white as the echos of sunlight brushed against his porcelain face, and he was so gorgeous, so lovely even at this fine age. It was only when Jaejoong bit down on his lower lip with a wistful smile that Yunho realized he was

breathless as Jaejoong says, ah, Changmin, you go ahead, but Yunho pulls him into the fray instead, fingers curling into Jaejoong’s as the cheesy wedding music begins to play, and it charms him the way Jaejoong won’t look at him, his eyes downcast on the floor when they march arm-in-arm, as if it was all real

and then Jaejoong was before Yunho, their gazes lingering like the strains of a forgotten memory, and it felt surreal because it should have been them, he wanted to say. He watched as the bride kissed her father on his cheek as if in thanks, before her eyes flittered to Yunho’s and that smile

could break a thousand hearts, so they said you two have to stop, it’s not right and it could never work out, not for your careers or your lives, you have to think about the future

that stood before them now, because who would have thought, Yunho reflected with a quiet ache in his chest, that it would be their children falling in love with an intensity that Jaejoong and himself had tried to avoid? The minister asked the question that will bond them forever, and Jaejoong’s daughter looked at Yunho’s son like the way

Jaejoong is looking at him, tears within the very gaze that Yunho had fallen in love with, is falling in love with. It couldn’t have been us, he chokes out with a smile, his head lowered as his fingers curl into

the man standing before her, and then they all watch, with bated breaths as she

leans forward, their breaths intertwining as Jaejoong holds on to him like he never wants to let go. You know, Jaejoong, don’t you, how much you mean to me? Yunho is smiling, thumbing the softness of his best friend’s cheek as Jaejoong’s head tilts up, their lips meeting for last time as he whispers

“…I do.”

♥ fanart: YunJae children by urmymelody

Tags: (dbsk), fic: requiem for a dream, pair: yunho/jaejoong
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