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Inertia (Yunho/JaeJoong)


I was on a fluff-deficit 8'D ...please don't shoot me.

You only see someone for the first time when you fall in love.

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes.
Leona Lewis; The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The first time Yunho sees him, the boy looks a little lost. He is dressed in a loose shirt, hair stringy and skin sallow as he wanders down the hallway, gazing around the offices with tired eyes that flicker of something like hope. Yunho doesn’t take his eyes off of him; instead he moves forward, pillar to pillar as the other boy shuffles along. Their eyes only meet when the boy cranes his neck and spots Yunho’s curious expression behind the pillar, and he stills among the rush of people around them as they stare at each other. Yunho doesn’t understand why he doesn’t look away, but the other boy doesn’t either.

“Jaejoong-ssi? We’ve been waiting for you.”

Jaejoong. Yunho steps forward without knowing why, and Jaejoong glances back to him, eyes kind of scared and wide. Yunho’s grip against the pillar tightens as the senior executive takes Jaejoong by the arm and leads him further down the offices. Yunho watches him go.

People don’t fall in love, not at such a young age when you can barely even talk without your voice breaking, without the insecurity betraying your eyes.

But Yunho does.

The first time Yunho sees him, his face is scrunched in pain as he clutches his knee, immobile on the floor as everyone rushes over. Yunho pushes through them all, grasping Jaejoong’s wrist as the other boy bites on his bottom lip so hard that there is blood.

“I’m okay,” he gasps as his eyes meet Yunho’s, the depths filled with tears even if he doesn’t cry. He grips Yunho’s arm with both of his hands, so tightly his knuckles turn white - “I’m okay.”

Yunho runs a hand past Jaejoong’s wet forehead, fingers tugging gently at the strands. “Hold on,” he says, keeping his voice steady. “We’re getting you to a hospital.”

People don’t fall in love, not when they are worried sick and frightened about the consequences of an accident like this.

But Yunho does.

The first time Yunho sees him, he is asleep in the living room, bare feet tucked under him against the breeze coming in from open balcony doors. Yunho stands there and watches him as the morning creeps in, trailing along Jaejoong’s resting form and pressing sunlight into the dark strands of hair. Jaejoong stirs, frowning slightly before his eyes slide open, creased from exhaustion but warm from sleep. His gaze meets Yunho’s at where he is by the kitchen counter, and they watch each other like this, just like this.

“Hey.” Jaejoong’s voice is hoarse, quiet.

People don’t fall in love, not when they are ten feet apart from each other in the blue of morning with nothing between them but silence.

But Yunho does.

The first time Yunho sees him, Jaejoong’s face is pale and streaked with tears as he hovers over Yunho. “Yunho-ah.” his fingers are cold in Yunho’s own. “Yunho-ah.”

Yunho barely registers the putrid smell of anesthesia, or the beeping of the machines, or the clinical whiteness of the walls. He opens his mouth to speak, but his throat is parched, his body slack from fatigue and ache. Jaejoong looks like he wants to cry. “We’ll get her for doing this to you,” he says. Yunho has never heard him so angry, but then he doesn’t really hear Jaejoong anymore. He clutches at Jaejoong’s hand, and Jaejoong stops talking.

I miss you, Yunho mouths. Jaejoong nods, but Yunho knows Jaejoong doesn’t understand what he’s trying to say.

“Tell me later,” he says with a shaky smile. “Okay?”

People don’t fall in love, not when they’re lying in a hospital bed and facing the possibility of losing everything, everything that they’ve ever worked for.

But Yunho does.

The first time Yunho sees him, really sees him, Jaejoong is close, so close. His fingers trail gently over Yunho’s cheekbone as their noses brush, his eyes shy and intense as they lock with Yunho’s own. Yunho smiles at him as his body traps Jaejoong’s into the wall, his eyelashes tickling Jaejoong’s forehead and making him laugh.

“What is this?” Jaejoong asks, voice soft in wonder against Yunho’s ear.

They don’t talk anymore, lips meeting through the gentlest of kisses before he fists a little too tightly into Yunho’s shirt, and Yunho’s fingers entangle into the hair on the back of Jaejoong’s head. The light kisses deepen, lips parting as Yunho tilts his head slightly to kiss him harder. Jaejoong’s breath hitches.

“Let me kiss you,” Yunho whispers against his mouth, eyes opening ever so slightly to meet Jaejoong’s. “Please.”

Jaejoong is looking at Yunho as if he is seeing him for the first time. A little smile curls on swollen lips as Yunho kisses him once more, and Jaejoong’s eyes fall close.

People don’t fall in love, just like that.

But Jaejoong does.

Tags: (dbsk), fic: inertia, pair: yunho/jaejoong
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